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 [Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2

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KTW Owner

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[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Empty
PostSubject: [Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2   [Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 7:08 am

Krypton Total Will
Update v1.2

Server updated to v1.2 have fun.


  • Trailers for Heavy Trucks and other vehicles.
  • Remote that shows speed, health, altitude, name and state.
  • Info bar.
  • KTW Home where users lose points for DM.
  • Ranks.
  • /Pointshop to buy some unique commands and ranks.
  • New location KTW Home added to /tele menu.
  • Fuckers have new ranks: level1 = Helper, level2 = Sir and level3 = Baws.
  • Added Wheels and Hydraulics to /tune menu.
  • Animations (Not made by me).
  • Home area mapped by Alv1n.
  • Custom spawn locations.
  • All skins in skin selection.


[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Truck10

[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Traile10

[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Ranks10

[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Remote10

[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Tele10

[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Galler10

And just some unknown users xD
[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Sa-mp-10

[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2 Scorpi10
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[Update(10/07/2011)]KTW Update 1.2
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