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 [Update(15/10/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.6

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KTW Owner

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PostSubject: [Update(15/10/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.6   Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:58 am


We have released the 0.6 version!

AllLife Freeroam Box:
1. New Cool Textdraws!
2. Free Cash - Every second everyone gets 3$!
3. Upgraded /VIP system!
4. Upgraded /tele!
5. New Sounds!
6. Upgraded the Skin Selection System!
7. Added more skins!
8. /Rally (Coming Soon!)
9. /DNA (Coming Soon!)
10. Free Points - Every 5 minutes everyone'll 4 points!
11. Upgraded some free cars on the streets!
12. Added more cars to streets!
13. Upgraded /help!

Have Fun,

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[Update(15/10/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.6
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