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 [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7

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[Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Empty
PostSubject: [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7   [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 5:17 am

AllLife Freeroam v0.7


  1. /Rally
    [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Sa-mp-11
    [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Sa-mp-12
    [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Sa-mp-13
    [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Sa-mp-14
  2. /DNA:

    Goes toghether with /Rally, shows your current:
    * Total Points
    * Total Cash
    * Total Checkpoints

  3. /Parachute
    [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Sa-mp-15
  4. /Wikipedia

    You can use this command to get easy information about any menu or command.

  5. /Help > Account Settings > Change Color

    New 34 different player colors for any taste, go check that out!
    [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Sa-mp-16

  6. /Tuning

    You can now tune your Street Racer vehicle using /Tuning!
    [Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Sa-mp-17

Merry Christmas!

[Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7 Scorpi10
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[Update(24/12/2010)]AllLife Freeroam v0.7
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