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 [Announcement(27/05/2011)]Krypton Total Will

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[Announcement(27/05/2011)]Krypton Total Will Empty
PostSubject: [Announcement(27/05/2011)]Krypton Total Will   [Announcement(27/05/2011)]Krypton Total Will EmptyThu Jun 02, 2011 8:35 am

Krypton Total Will

Krypton is a next generation update for AllLife Freeroam, that allows any player to do whatever they what, without any rules and admins!
This is one of the most biggest updates for the server so far!

  • All San Andreas weapons added to /weapons.
  • All San Andreas vehicles added to /vehicle.
  • More user colors.
  • Horn key allows you to jump with the vehicle.
  • Fire key boosts the nitro.
  • Submission key lets you turn the lights on and off.
  • Vehicle control menu /control.
  • Client messages have a better look now.
  • Also added Trailers to /vehicle, advanced only.
  • People who keep the server clean are /fuckers.
  • Fuckers have "Sir" in front of their names.
  • Turn vehicle jump on and off from /control.
  • /Boot to open the boot of your vehicle.
  • /Hood to open the hood of your vehicle.
  • Upgraded Neon lights in /tune, will never get bugged again.
  • Added wheels to /tune menu for other cars.
  • Automatic weather and time, i also released it to samp forum.
  • Upgraded the /color menu to change vehicle colors.
  • Also added colormenu for trailers /trailercolor.
  • User can /heal themselves.
  • User can /armour themselves.
  • Added a dialog with special actions /special.
  • Users can clean their chat with /clean.
  • Vehicle doors can be locked without bugs /lock.
  • Created recording options dialog for users who record their gameplay a lot /recordingo.
  • Users can control their onscreen textdraws from /recordingo.
  • Users can turn on and off the nametags above player heads.
  • Skorpyo's new name is Scorpio.
  • Added fightingstyles to /usero.
  • Many, many more thing...

  • Cookies system removed, not useful anymore because of the /heal and /armour.
  • Admins dialog deleted, now its /fuckers.
  • 30 admin commands deleted.
  • Also deleted some unuseful commands from Commands dialog.
  • Objects removed.
  • On street cars removed.
  • Automatic messages removed.
  • Blinking textdraws replaced with new ones.

[Announcement(27/05/2011)]Krypton Total Will Scorpi10
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[Announcement(27/05/2011)]Krypton Total Will
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